Fiesta Spirit, Daylily
*Fiesta Spirit (2008)
* 'FIESTA SPIRIT' (Corbett, J. 2007 ) TET G309C-A  ( Pumpkin Prince x Lies And Lipstick) EMRe.  Sev. 26 in. scape, 5 in. flower;  4-5 way branching.  25 to 30 buds.  This flower seems to shout, party!  The base color of 'H. Fiesta Spirit' is a clear cream-yellow with a very intense and precise red eye above a green throat.  But the real reason garden visitors were talking about 'H. Fiesta Spirit' was its bright red edge.  The quarter inch edge has large red fingers that are often over a quarter of an inch long themselves, especially on the re-bloom.  Combine these two features and this often gives 'H.  Fiesta Spirit' an edge exceeding a half an inch.  Some of these red fingers are prominent in the lower right hand corner of its photograph.  H. Fiesta Spirit is easily fertile both ways.                        Fall Only $150