Pumpkin Bandit, Daylily
H. Pumpkin Bandit
*H. PUMPKIN BANDIT (Corbett, J. 2006) TET F137C-A (Cheetah Safari x Awesome Blossom) 32” EMRe. Ev. 5.5”. 5-way branching. 25-30 buds. Ever since its first bloom, ‘H. Pumpkin Bandit’ has stolen the hearts of many a garden visitor.  This very bright pumpkin yellow flower has an intense black eye and an edge that makes quite a show from any distance.  Being the first sibling to bloom out of our own introduction ‘H. Cheetah Safari’, we are very proud to bring you this beacon of garden color.  ‘H. Pumpkin Bandit’ is easily fertile both ways and a parent to many wonderful introductions.