Quest for Atlantis, Daylily
*Quest For Atlantis (2005)
*QUEST FOR ATLANTIS (Corbett, J. 2005) TET B144C (Sherry Lane Carr x Waiting For Peace) 20” MLaRe. Fra. Ev. 6” 3 way branching 20-25 buds per scape. Immediately, you notice the spectacular color of this flower.  QUEST FOR ATLANTIS has a complex blend of melon pink and hints of coral.  Add to this a deeper eye zone and white midribs.  You have a kaleidoscope of colors that seem to give the flower motion itself.  QUEST FOR ATLANTIS shows off its diamond dusting well into the afternoon sun.  The large, sometimes up to one half inch, lavish ruffles continue around the petal edges and extend down into the butter yellow throat.  QUEST FOR ATLANTIS was chosen for our cover because it is one of our favorite new cultivars.  This flower with its large ruffles reminds us of the sea life you would observe diving in the warm Mediterranean waters, hence the name QUEST FOR ATLANTIS.  Fertile both ways