Turn Up The Volume, Daylily
H. Turn Up The Volume
*H. TURN UP THE VOLUME (Corbett, J. 2006) TET [Open My Eyes x ((Lambada x Admiral’s Braid) x (Born To Late x Wisest Of Wizards))] 26” EMRe. Ev. 7”. 5-6 way branching. 25-30 buds.  Long awaited for, our cover daylily puts on quite a show.  These large orange blooms have a red-orange chevron eye that covers most of the petal as if it is trying to reach the over half inch wide, red-orange, ruffled edge.  For those interested in large flowers with interesting eye patterns, ‘H. Turn up the Volume’ is your flower.  Absolutely a gorgeous flower and a wonderful parent for large flowers with patterned eyes.  Easily fertile both ways.  Very limited.