Pele's Tears, Daylily
*PELE'S TEARS (2010)
*H. PELE’S TEARS  (Corbett, 2010) Tet G122C-A ((Ida’s Braid x Potion For Passion) x Memories Remain)) Ev., MRe., 30 inch scape, 6 inch flower, 6 way branching with 24 buds.  A favorite of mine, H. PELE’S TEAR’S was named after the lava splash from erupting volcanos in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.  With all the beautiful reds coming out lately here’s one with a slightly different look.  This standout paprika-red self flower is large and surrounded by bright, bold, gold edge sometimes exceeding three quarters of an inch.  Despite the bold edge H. PELE’S TEARS never has a problem opening for us and is easily fertile both ways.  H. PELE’S TEARS is marvelous parent for large edged reds.