Dr. Marc C. Laroche, Daylily
*H. DR. MARC C. LAROCHE (Corbett J., 2011) Tet H237C-B (Rock Solid x Turn Up The Volume) Ev., MRe., 24 inch scape, 7 inch flower, 4 way branching with 20 buds. Selected as ‘Best Full Formed Seedling’, at the 2010 International Daylily Symposium, H. DR. MARC C. LAROCHE was also the plant selection for the right to name bid. The winners of the bid, Mr. and Mrs. Monast, decided to name the daylily after a dear and important friend in their lives. H. DR. MARC C. LAROCHE has drawn the compliments since its early bloom. Set on a light cream pink base the contrasting starburst purple eye and edge make quite a show. Surrounding the ruffled purple edge is jagged ivory edge of occasional sharks’ teeth and all this finished by a bright green throat. H. DR. MARC C. LAROCHE is a wonderful parent for eyes, edges and teeth! This was one of our favorite selections to be named in 2011. Easily fertile both ways.