Persephone's Return, Daylily
*H. PERSEPHONE’S RETURN (McNicholas/Corbett J., 2011) Tet A102M-A (American Freedom x Wonders Never Cease) Ev., MRe., 26 inch scape, 5.5 inch flower, 4 way branching 20-25 buds. From the start I knew this daylily had to be named. H. PERSEPHONE’S RETURN is the first introduction from my dear friend and past roommate Beth McNicholas. She has decided to name her first introduction after the Greek goddess Persephone whom according to Greek mythology returns each year to bring us the season we call spring. H. PERSEPHONE’S RETURN is a clear scrumptious cream yellow with a green throat, at times the very ruffled edge can exceed one inch. All this, added to full form and heavy substance makes this a daylily you can’t resist. It is with great pleasure and pride that I introduce my dear friend’s daylily, H. PERSEPHONE’S RETURN. Easily fertile both ways.