Bonnie Holley
*Bonnie Holley (2006)
*BONNIE HOLLEY (Corbett, J. 2006) TET T84-B (Ed Brown x America’s Most Wanted) 30” MLaRe. Fra. Ev. 6” 4 way branching 25-30 buds per scape. I had trouble finding the right words to describe this new introduction.  With such words as awesome, exciting and stunning, BONNIE HOLLEY has truly lifted sculpted daylilies to another level.  A full sib to the famed SHELTER COVE, this large perfectly round flower has a one inch lavishly ruffled edge.  The petals are wide and deeply sculpted, sometimes over one eighth inch deep.  This sculpting continues from the throat out to the ruffled edges of the petal.  The color is a blend of rich ripe melon and peach, somewhat darker that the cover picture shows.  And though BONNIE HOLLEY enjoys heat, I have noticed with a slight amount of shade there can be the faintest pink blush to the petal color.
BONNIE HOLLEY was a guest plant with some of our hybridizing friends in Florida and all made comments as to what a remarkable flower this was.  Dan Trimmer has asked to keep several plants on display for next year’s garden tours.  This truly phenomenal flower is parent to several future introductions and is easily fertile both ways .