Midnight Rendezvoue, Daylily
*Midnight Rendezvous (2005)
*MIDNIGHT RENDEZVOUS (Corbett, J. 2005) TET A99-035C (Black Ambrosia x Sauce Piquante) 22” EMRE. Ev. 5” 3 way branching 20-25 buds per scape.  This daylily is one of my personal favorites and a very important breeder for dark reds to blacks.  This very round ruffled flower is the color of a good merlot wine.  The brilliant emerald green throat stands out like a beacon amidst the very heavy satin texture of MIDNIGHT RENDEZVOUS.  Despite a deep velvet pile, it is consistent and always perfect;  the bloom remains virtually unchanged at the end of the hottest day.  In an attempt to increase bud count, I’ve taken MIDNIGHT RENDEZVOUS to several of our most sun fast blacks and the seedlings that have bloomed have been outstanding.  The plant habit is  exceptional; the rich green leaves are very strong and upright with a slight arch, giving plenty of space for the flowers to open above the foliage.  MIDNIGHT RENDEZVOUS quickly increases and forms a pleasing clump within a short period of time.  Easily fertile both ways.